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I try to fall in love every day.

It is my motto, my philosophy, and living this way has brought me unforgettable, inexplicable, epic experiences. I love my life, and I make sure I engage myself in activities I could love.

Arts and culture has always been fascinating to me, and over the years I've done my best to refine my tastes and utilize them towards my career as a designer. I'm not just a graphic designer-- I am also interested in building products, video, photography, and lifestyles. When I design anything I consider all angles in which my designs can be used.

Moving to Taiwan in 2010 was an act of friendship, a desire to introduce myself to the world of teaching, and an effort to build up my world travel experiences. In two years living abroad, I have taught thousands of hours to dozens of students, I have traveled to eight different countries, explored Chinese culture, learned a new language, and participated in various activities, such as modeling, surfing, scuba diving, river tracing, marathon racing, and competitive rowing on a Dragon Boat Race team. I've gained greater understanding of my strengths and my weaknesses, pushing my boundaries of comfort, and of my mental and physical abilities on every level.

  surf scubasnake rivertrace 101finish
WaiAo Beach
Poisonous Sea Snake,
Scuba Diving, Philippines
Jiaoxi Rivertracing
101 Marathon: 35 min
Taipei 101: 91 stories
(2nd Tallest Building in the World)
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Team MAX (2:18) vs. Shida Team (2:19

Team MAX
on Heidi's Chinese Class Youtube Channel

I've never lived a dull life and I don't intend to ever do so. I plan to pursue my teaching credentials so I can teach art and design to junior high students; I plan to explore America's natural parks and continue to push my physical strengths through competitive activities; I plan to travel through South America and learn Spanish along the way; I plan to eventually pursue my Master's in Art Management, and I'm determined to focus on my career in design and education.

But my second motto and philosophy in life is "baby steps." Having patience with myself as I proceed towards each new goal keeps me… chill. I can't wait to continue learning, gaining new experiences, and living my life to its absolute fullest.


Team MAX on China Times