Euri's Highly Covetable LED Hybrid T8 Does it All!

September 29, 2016

 Original Post: Euri's Highly Covetable LED Hybrid T8 Does it All!


The highly covetable LED T8 Hybrid tube is now available here at Euri Lighting. Not only will this 4 foot luminaire save on energy and maintenance costs with its low wattage, high lumens, and long lifespan, but it is mercury-free and shatter proof, meeting the highest of standards on the market. Additionally, the innovative Hybrid technology behind this LED tube means it can work with or without a ballast.


Euri Lighting's LED T8 Hybrid Tube truly is a high-quality product with incredible value. It produces 2100 lumens at only 42 Watts, and comes in either *Bright White Light (4000K) or *Cool White Light (5000K).


What is a ballast?


Being a hybrid makes installation a breeze, and is key to the popularity of this LED linear product. Cool. But, what is a ballast?


A ballast is integral to the fluorescent lighting system. Fluorescent lamps operate on mercury vapor carrying an electric current, which produces short-wave ultra violet light that glows when exposed to a phosphor coating inside the lamp. A ballast is used to regulate this electrical current so that it doesn't overheat and self-destruct within all that mercury gas. The ballast briefly supplies high voltage to establish the electrical arc within the lamp, then reduces the voltage to provide a steady light output.


When a ballast fails, it can cause that notorious flicker that plagues so many fluorescent bulbs. It can also be less efficient overall, in that some energy is lost due to its voltage filtration process, and because it may also limit dimmer compatibility. Dimmers are known to greatly reduce energy consumption.


With or Without Ballast


LEDs are quickly replacing fluorescents around the world, but the fixtures may still hold ballasts, unless removed (always by a technician).  There are a few options, however, for LED replacements that either work with or without the ballast.


A Plug-n-Play lamp will be a direct replacement for a fluorescent tube, operating on the ballast, so no rewiring or ballast change is required. You simply remove the fluorescent tube, and pop the Plug-n-Play back in its place.


A Ballast-Bypass lamp will make the ballast redundant and removable. A Ballast-Bypass lamp operates directly off the voltage line, without need for regulation from a ballast. The installation of a Ballast-Bypass lamp is trickier, and a technician is absolutely required.


A Hybrid lamp, however, works as both a Plug-n-Play AND a Ballast-Bypass, meaning the ballast can remain in the fixture or it can be removed, depending on consumer preference or need. The Hybrid serves both as a Direct Replacement, or it can be wired directly to the voltage line as a Ballast-Bypass. This allows it to serve as a replacement to fluorescents in a variety of different fixtures, and budgets.


All ballasts have limited life spans, so eventually, the ballast will have to removed or exchanged at the end of its life anyway. With a Plug-n-Play lamp, you must replace the ballast or exchange the lamp for a Ballast-Bypass. With a Hybrid lamp, you neither replace the ballast or the lamp, you just wire it directly to the electrical line, saving you money in the end.

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