Boosting Office Morale with Euri's Energy Efficient LED Troffers and Tubes

June 7, 2016

Original Post: Boosting Office Morale with Euri's Energy Efficient LED Troffers and Tubes


Fifty years of commercial lighting have been monopolized by the unflattering and unhealthy cold glow of fluorescent bulbs. According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), more than 2.3 billion fluorescent tubes are currently installed in ceilings across America, each consuming approximately 43 Watts (at $0.11 per kWh) -- that's 98.9 billion Watts in commercial lighting alone, and a lot of money wasted through inefficient lighting. 


By replacing those fluorescent tubes with Euri Lighting's LED tubes, which operate at only 19 Watts each, and LED Troffers at 32W each, America could save up to total $55.2 billion in energy costs!!


Furthermore, poor lighting costs companies in office morale and productivity. 


Dim lighting causes eye strain, headaches, drowsiness and lack of focus. Employees feel tired, grumpy, and feel less motivated.


Fluorescent lighting is often insufficient in lumen output, and as the bulb dies out, may begin to flicker, which is known to cause migraines for many people.


Euri Lighting's LED tubes and troffers, unlike a standard fluorescent bulb, do not lose the strength of their lumen output over time, nor do they induce migraines with obnoxious flickering. The long-lasting (50,000 hours), uniform light will energize the office. The Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT) of Bright White 4000K and 5000K -- comparable to daylight-- are balanced in warmth to offer the most comfortable and productive ambiance for your staff.


How you design your ceiling light makes all the difference from merely a productive space and a creatively productive space. Combining your Euri Troffer LEDs with natural sunlight, hanging pendants and unique lamps will offer the most impressive ambiance for your staff to work in (while reducing energy costs even more). Take a look at our Pinterest page for style tips in designing your work space


Choose between Euri's 2 ft. x 2 ft. (single bulb), or 2 ft. x 4 ft. (paired bulb) fixed recessed LED troffers for your office space. They can be installed with or without ballast, making it easy for direct replacement of existing ceiling fixtures. Always use a licensed electrician to install your commercial lighting products. Additionally, these tubes are mercury free, and don't need specialized recycling programs-- if and when you do need to throw away a bulb.
See How to Recycle your LED Bulb here.


For more information, visit our website, send our sales reps an email, or give us a call-- we would be happy to help you choose the best lighting for your space!

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