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A Travel Style Guide ~ A Week in Portugal

May 25, 2017


I'm headed to Portugal, land of majestic beaches, fairyland castles and expansive national parks! When I picture Portugal, I romanticize over its vibrant cities, beautiful natural landscapes, and humble countryside living. 


Nothing elates me more than travel, either international or domestic-- if I'm getting on a plane, I feel liberated from the struggles of city life and only excitement for the adventures that await. 


No matter where I'm going, I aim to pack light. I have found that regardless of how many outfits I pack, I end up wearing the same garments throughout my entire trip anyway, so I'm learning how to resist the temptation to pack more than I need. 


My personal style is comfortable and feminine; if I want to look fabulous for an evening, chances are I'm hoping my look feels effortless. Breezy dresses for day or night, with a sweater, comfortable shoes, and some well-curated jewelry, and I'm good to go. If I accessorize further, I grab a unique purse and possibly a hat. I am not aiming for attention on the streets, but to be discreetly stylish, with conversation pieces that transcend any language barriers.


My Mochila Bag is perfect for a full day exploring a new city. Its deep enough to hold my essentials, plus water or a sweater, and the handmade strap is soft, wide, and long, providing ultimate comfort and cross-body wear. These beautiful bags are unique artistic declarations by the Wayuu women who spend several weeks weaving them. By purchasing a Mochila Bag, you are helping create a sustainable means for Wayuu women to gain autonomy and respect in their local communities in Northern Colombia and Venezuela. 



For cobble-stoned alleys that were constructed last millennia, shoes need to be light, comfortable, and sturdy to take me across the city. I look to my Viscata espadrilles, handcrafted in Spain! These affordable, woven shoes are like pillows to weary feet, and the wedges perform perfectly on uneven streets-- no twisted ankles from unsteady heels! 



Portugal is celebrated for its 600 miles of coastal beaches and its sun-drenched vineyards; a hat is a necessity for travel in this Mediterranean country! This beautiful hat by Woolrich is lightweight and completes any outfit, perfect for travel!


I can't wait to get on the plane! T-minus 4 hours... 


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