Euri Lighting's Show-Stopping LED Halogen-Look PARs

August 8, 2017

Original Post : Euri Lighting's Show-Stopping LED Halogen-Look PARs


Lights, camera, action -- Lights!!


A single spotlight suddenly exposes the actress on the stage. The narrow beam follows her as she dramatically descends the staircase. Under the intense heat of the light, the actress begins to sweat, her makeup glistening under the glare. "I can't go on with the scene!"


Despite those words, she was ready for her close-up. But it's possible that, if for all of those years Norma Desmond had instead been highlighted under the beam of an LED Halogen-Look bulb, she might not have lost her grip with reality-- because LEDs run so much cooler than an incandescent halogen.


Euri Lighting is happy to present the same intense 40° beam of light as a traditional halogen bulb with their new Halogen-Look LED PARs! These new LED lamps have the same honeycomb lens for the focused beam of light that halogens provide, but at a fraction of the energy consumed.


The Halogen-Look LED PARs are JA8 and Energy STAR Compliant, meaning they provide ultimate cost savings and energy efficiency. They come in three different CCTs-- Warm White 2700K, Soft White 3000K, and *Bright White 4000K-- Wet Rated, with True Color 90+ CRI, and with a lifespan of 25,000 hours-- 10x the lifetime of a traditional halogen bulb.


Contact the Euri Lighting sales team to illuminate these show-stoppers today.


*Bright White 4000K are not JA8 Compliant.

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