Why BabyList Is the Only Baby Shower Registry You’ll Need

February 3, 2019


When was the last time a single store truly fulfilled all your needs and desires? So why are so many registries limited to single stores, when they’re supposed to be convenient tools to help shower guests buy gifts for the mom-to-be that she actually wants, and would really like? 


Babylist is an online app and web platform offering a solution that makes sense for the millennial mom-to-be: the only one-stop shop that allows you to build your registry from anywhere and everywhere all over the web, while also delivering extra perks to make life as a new mom easier and more convenient than ever!




First, Let’s Examine The Competition


Upon learning I was pregnant, I immediately began a Pinterest board, and an Amazon Baby Registry, thinking I could find all the things I need on Amazon, and be able to add to it all of the fun, unique, beautiful, boutique items that Pinterest exposed me to. However, I quickly learned that Pinterest is often a stream of dead or irrelevant links, and that many of my favorite boutiques were either not on Amazon, or didn’t provide their full inventory on Amazon. As it turns out, Amazon was not going to sufficient.


Amazon also required me to search for my registry every single time I wanted to access it, without saving the url to my bookmarks. This is a 3-step process, which is 2 clicks too many. 


I’m an avid Etsy shopper as well, but Etsy— land of amazing baby boutiques— doesn’t have a registry option that would conveniently allow my shower guests to view my desired items. Yes, one can mark their Favorites (but for most users, that’s a miscellany of products, many not baby-related), or you can create Lists that users can follow (but that’s not quite the same as a registry)... Either way, in order to view these functions, shower guests would have to be Etsy users (some may not be), and they’d have to login to their accounts, creating yet another step or two before accessing my preferred baby products. It just isn’t practical to use Etsy as a baby registry.


So I visited a BuyBuy Baby store location— 45 minutes away from where I live in the center of the city, and hours away from all of my personal family. BuyBuy Baby offers the ability to create a registry in-store or online, allowing customers and their shower guests to access thousands of baby necessities, clothing, furniture and more.


BuyBuy Baby does has floor-to-ceiling walls of all kinds of baby products, but they're mostly the big-name brands with mass-production practices, and none from the plethora of adorable, one-of-a-kind creations available across the internet. Once again, registry customers are limited to only what BuyBuy Baby offers.



Discovering Babylist, the Perfect Solution


I was in the process of gathering a list of my different registry, Amazon, Pinterest, and Etsy links to share with my shower host, wondering if my guests would have the interest or stamina to visit more than one link, or if they could glean from my Pinterest board the items I really wanted, when I happened upon an ad for Babylist in my Facebook feed. I noticed that several of my Facebook friends/recent moms had ‘Liked’ Babylist, and so suddenly the headline caught my attention: “Add any item to your registry, from anywhere on the internet.”


Could it be true? The exact solution to my problems??


Transfer Different Registries With One Click


I immediately visited the website, and within minutes found myself transferring my entire Amazon registry over to Babylist with the click of a button— for your convenience, they also offer an easy transfer of registries from BuyBuy Baby, Pottery Barn Baby, Target, and several other major stores. I then uploaded the Add to Babylist shortcut to my browser bar, and proceeded to click on every item on my Pinterest board, easily adding to my Babylist the items that were not dead-end links. Then I headed over to Etsy, and began searching and scrolling to my hearts content, adding all sorts of beautiful, unique, handmade items from boutique shops to my Babylist without any issue. 



24/7 Convenience Without Getting Dressed


Babylist was also far less intimidating to begin my registry with than walking into BuyBuy Baby and having to speak to their customer service representatives. As a millennial, I’m actually more comfortable shopping from the internet than being guided through a brick and mortar store. Living in the city, it takes an hour to drive to the nearest BuyBuy Baby (and longer to drive back), let alone having to make myself presentable for the public. I was able to procure my Babylist in my pajamas, at the start or end of a long day, with my cat comfortably lounging in my lap. 


Additionally, Babylist is available on all of your devices. Download the app to your phone or tablet, or use on your desktop with the browser button-- simply click the Add to Babylist browser button and it automatically adds the product on your open tab to the registry. Otherwise, a simple copy and paste of the url into the Babylist site or app will allow you to save the product to your registry that way. 



Unbeatable Selection


I’ll admit, I got sucked into the registry-building process and spent a lot of time curating my Babylist. But when I finally tore myself away, I had a fully flushed-out registry with not only all my necessities, but hundreds of options for adorable, organic, sustainably produced baby clothes, cloth diapers, nursery decor, furniture, utilitarian items, all-natural toys and teething products, and anything extra that I could think of!


When you're a baby shower guest, do you ever get disappointed by your friends' registry selections? Some people worry about appearing greedy if they overload their registry with every imaginable item, but that clearly was not my concern! When I visit a friend's registry to only find necessities, it doesn't feel I'm providing much of a gift to them. I wanted my guests to have fun while shopping for my baby! I think it creates a more personable, and meaningful connection between me and my guest, and may provide a story for me to tell my child later. 200 items on my registry? No shame here!



Babylist Goes Extra, Because You Are Too


When I found myself spending too much time on crib sheets instead of more practical items— which, as this is my first child, I wasn’t entirely sure of what those might be— I turned to Babylist’s suggested registry items. 


Broken up into categories, Babylist provides a concise list of recommended items that most moms will need and want. In fact, these lists were created through a voting process that Babylist readers participated in to give their suggestions. Here I was able to discover so many important baby products that I hadn’t even considered, from bathing supplies to first aid kits, to the top-rated strollers and all their accessories.


Finally, just in case I hadn’t included on my registry everything possible by that point, Babylist offers your guests the option to provide in-person services for you (like helping with laundry, cooking or cleaning while you’re bed-ridden postpartum), or funding for diaper services and milk bank funding. Gift cards are also available. It seems as if the team at Babylist really had thought of everything!


And to take that point even one step further, when you browse products from their suggested registry items and add them to your registry, Babylist will send you a FREE Hello Baby Box, filled with product samples and discounts for popular baby products. It’s just one nice thing that sets Babylist apart from their competitors, and gives you the thrill of finding presents in your mail. What mom-to-be doesn’t appreciate that?



Babylist Tracks Your Thank You List for You


I only discovered this feature after my shower guests began purchasing gifts for me: Babylist tracks which guests bought which item, or contributed how much to your funds and gift cards, so that you can later download your thank you list. No more having to open presents with a checklist, match it with email or personal addresses, Babylist does it all for you! 


As a result of using Babylist for my baby shower registry, my shower host received from me one single registry link to attach to the baby shower invites, rather then a list, making it as easy as possible for my guests to browse my registry and find that perfect something from them to baby. I was able to include all possible necessities, as well as all of the cute, fun stuff tailored exactly to my style, that makes delivering a child into this world all the more fun. Shopping should be fun, not an inconvenience. Babylist makes building a registry both fun and easy, and convenient for your registry shoppers.



A Final Note:


All opinions expressed in this article are my own. I was not in contact with Babylist prior to writing this post, I received no compensation, nor was I otherwise given any incentive to write this piece. I truly enjoyed my user experience with Babylist! I hope you will too!




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