Load Up on Vegetables & Keep Your Weight Down with This Soup Recipe

March 9, 2019


Reach for this quick & easy chunky bean & vegetable soup recipe on a cold day.


This soup recipe is from Rachel Beller’s cook book Power Souping, a resource of quick and easy recipes that help with weight management and detoxifying meal planning. Rachel is a Dietitian (RDN) who specializes in anti-breast cancer nutrition, and all of her meals are tailored for cancer prevention, focusing on plant-based and low-calorie meals to optimize your health. 



Why Power Souping?


I love the recipes in Power Souping, as there's a variety of different styles of delicious vegetarian meals that I can eat all day, guilt-free! There’s multiple soups for breakfast, lunch and in between meal snacks, with heartier, more filling recipes for dinner. They’re great for detoxing, but also for continuous management of your health.


I recently moved from Los Angeles, CA to Reno, NV, where there’s a difference in nearly 30 degrees each and everyday. Although I’m loving the transition from sun to snow, boy am I cold! So I reached for Power Souping to find a comforting soup to enjoy between the rain and snowfall.



 The Ignite Me: Tuscan-Style White Bean Soup on page 63 of Rachel’s cook book was a perfect match for the weather! This soup is thick with fresh vegetables and spices, and the broth is easy and satisfying. This is a low-calorie soup that’s great for lunch or for dinner, and can also be enjoyed as a snack when you want something quick, warm, and satisfying to get you to your next meal.


Since I’m currently 7 months pregnant, this comes in real handy for me as I feel like I’m always hungry, but I still want to consume as many nutrients as possible for myself and my growing baby!



Making the Soup


I always start off with fresh, organic ingredients. This is essential for optimizing the health of me and my family, as typical commercial-growing practices in America are saturated with pesticides, antibiotics, chemicals and questionable GMO concoctions. Farm-fresh is not the same as organic-fresh, so always check the label, the country of origin, and the certifications.



Part of Rachel’s philosophy of cooking is to Add Daily Power to every meal with Power Ups. Power Ups can include herbs or spices that create a nutritious synergy with other ingredients in the meal, enhancing the overall nutritional results for your body. For Ignite Me, the Power Ups are both jalapeño and cayenne powder— spicy elements that I’m happy to add, as I LOVE spicy food! (Thankfully, my baby doesn’t seem to mind spicy foods either!)


 The main task of this meal is just chopping up the ingredients. I used a single mixing bowl to capture the ingredients in one place before adding them to the pot to cook. From there, you add them to the pot with the broth and bring to a simmer. Pick up a copy of Power Souping for the entire recipe.



The result is a hearty and comforting meal that is both nutritious, and delicious! The vegetable broth is almost sweet, but the heat of the jalapeños and cayenne powder keep it interesting, and alive on your tongue! Of course, you can adjust how much heat you want to add.


Watch my video below to follow all the steps of Rachel’s Ignite Me: Tuscan-Style White Bean Soup



Have you made this soup?


Leave a comment below to share with me what you think!



Know someone who needs to make healthier food choices? 


I totally recommend gifting them with Power Souping, and sharing this blog post with them! 


To learn more about Rachel Beller, visit her website, www.bellernutrition.com.


Disclosure: I’ve done some work with Rachel Belleras a Content Manager, assisting her on some projects such as web management, social media communications, and copywriting. However, this video and blog post have come from my own interest and desire to share her recipes and her mission!  I was not paid for this contribution, nor have I made money from referrals. 


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