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March 6, 2018


Being a Content Developer encompasses many different roles, and my time at Euri Lighting (a consumer-level LED lighting retail product company), and its parent company IRTronix (an industry-level UV LED product company), gave me the opportunity to develop into a role that was larger than what I initially signed on for.



Euri Lighting


I began at Euri Lighting as a Junior Graphic Designer, assisting the Creative Director in tasks such as Product Photography, Product Spec Sheets, and Web Management.



Over my first year, that role grew to also include building multiple assets of our product line, such as Packaging, Email Marketing and Advertisements, Technical Drawings, Icon Design, Product Displays, Retail POP Display Design and Planograms, Social Media Management, as well as GIF Design and Animation. I also assisted with designing the Tradeshow Booth Exhibits at many of the events our sales teams attended.


While at Euri, I saw the need for a social media presence, as well as richer content to drive a broader audience of consumer traffic to our website. So I launched both a Social Media Strategy and Blog to create value for the company, helping to establish Euri Lighting as a resource for all LED lighting products and information.





Eventually I moved up into a newly formed role as Content Marketing Manager with IRTronix, the parent company for Euri Lighting. Here I launched the company's Content and Marketing Strategies for this very different line of products. I developed a Social Media Strategy and trained a new hire to coordinate the various social communities, I coordinated with the Design Department on developing graphics and visual representation for the company, and I deeply researched the industry to write about our products with expertise for the website and blog, fact-checking with our engineering department along the way.




My roles within these companies sharpened my skills in graphic design, technical and corporate-level product photography, and blog writing. I utilized my skills in Adobe Creative Suite, operated on the Wix website platform, and used a Canon EOS 5-DSLR with Macro-Lens to achieve accurate and detailed shots of products that were millimeters, if not micrometers, in size. 



The greatest challenge came in making light bulbs sexy to a consumer audience. The first challenge comes with merely photographing the products, aiming for symmetry, detailed accuracy, and just enough glare and reflections to remain both realistic and polished. Next came the graphics to support the product shots-- the use of gradients and multiple layers in our advertising ran counter to my default strategies, but under the guidance of our Creative Director I learned a great deal on how to achieve an aesthetic that implied "innovative technology" was at hand.



I learned a great deal about the lighting industry while at both Euri Lighting and IRTronix, and it was an absolute pleasure to work alongside our engineering staff while I began to understand the intricacies of UV LED technology! 


Click on the links below to read the blog posts I wrote and see some of the graphics I designed while working for these companies:


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