Content Manager for Beller Nutrition

June 2, 2019


Working with celebrity nutritionist Rachel Beller and Beller Nutrition was an honor, and one of the most educational experiences I've had throughout my profession. Yes, I learned a ton about nutrition, but I also learned valuable lessons about myself as a Content Consultant and Manager. 


Not long after starting with Rachel, I also learned that I was pregnant! But I could not have had a more compassionate and encouraging boss-client to work with through the tribulations of morning sickness. Rachel has four teenage kids herself, and so was more than thrilled (and very understanding) when I told her the good news. For that, I am forever grateful to her! 


There also could not have been a better time in my life to work in nutrition, learning all about foods that would be most beneficial, not just to myself, but to the growing baby within me!


Rachel came to the table equipped with decades of experience and content as a nutritionist behind her, but her online presence was not communicating her objectives for her clients, or for herself. 

Our goal was to simplify and focus her message, both through graphics and through content.


One of the many things I came to appreciate about Rachel was her big vision, and ambitious goals. She is an incredibly creative person, and has huge plans in place for the content she wants to create. 


There was an enormous challenge, however, in narrowing her brand's focus and creating a strategic communication funnel that simplified what is, essentially, a complicated thing: if nutrition were easy for most people to understand, they wouldn't need to hire a professional to help them!


I took on the role of reorganizing her visual presence online, on her website, on her blog, and in her email newsletters. I assisted with social media, doing food photography and writing captions; I wrote titles, subheads and copy for her email newsletters, and her downloadable freebies. Lastly, I had a significant role in reorganizing her brand's overall message, from creating an opening tagline on her homepage, to rewriting the copy of her main products, to simplifying her personal bio. 


Eventually, I had to step away from the position so that I could give birth and tend to my newborn, passing the torch to her next Content Manager. But it was an absolute pleasure working alongside such a gracious human being, who taught me so much about the industry, and about marketing healthy eating to the masses. 

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